Tips for Better Portraits- Toronto Photographer

Taking portraits can be difficult. When people get in front of the camera they can stiffen up and freeze. Often smiles can look forced on unnatural. Here are a few tips to getting better portraits with whatever camera you have.

Engage in Conversation

Asking couples things like "think about the first time you met" or "think of the most romantic thing the other person did for you". This will bring out natural smiles and expressions you would never get telling them to "say cheese".


Be Aware of Your Background

Watch out for things like trees or poles sticking out of peoples heads that often don't get noticed until you develop the photo.

Know Your Subject

Knowing what kind of people they are you are able to better communicate with them. This gives you a better idea when directing them. 

Have Fun!

Sometimes the best pictures of people are not the stand in a row and look at the camera photos. Have a family do something fun together and get more semi candid photos. Play tag, kick around a soccer ball, have a family water fight or throw a football around. Let the kids be kids. After all your fondest memories with you family is probably not wearing matching outfits being lined up tallest to shortest.