Hiring a Photographer for Your Cottage Events- Muskoka Photographer- Toronto Photographer

Having an event at the cottage this summer? Why not get the event documented. Whether it's a family reunion, birthday party, anniversary party or you just want to capture a day at the cottage. 





So why hire a photographer?  I mean we all have a phone in our pocket that can take photos don't we? Why pay someone when we all have  a camera in out pocket. Well here are a few advantages of hiring a photographer

Equipment and Lenses- Well yes people can take amazing photos on their phones there is defiantly an advantage to having long zoom lenses for close ups, wide angles for wide shots and a good camera body.

Knowledge of light- Events at the cottage mean people are everywhere. A photographer will be able get photos in harsh sunlight, dimly lit places or wherever you may happen to be. Whether is cannonballs into the lake at high noon or board games inside the cottage with artificial lighting.

Unbiased Eye- A photographer can see the event objectively. Getting photos of everything and everyone at the event. 

Where there to photograph- I know this seem obvious right? But this means you are able to get lots of photos because that's what a photographer will be doing, taking photos. Because the photographer isn't concerned with anything else they can just focus on always getting photos. 

How much does it cost and what's included?

Cost is $100 for the first hour and $35/hr after that. Included you will get an online gallery with lightly retouched photos to download. 

Travel within 150kms of Huntsville, Ontario

Photojounrislistc style photos of the event plus any portraits you want. 

For more info visit the contact page or email me at mlawrence145@gmail.com